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Assistant Director, Nursing

Strategic & Corporate Planning‏, Consumer & Retail


  • Leads, coordinates and implementa care, teaching and counselling to ensure personalised and cost-effective care is provided by nursing staff to residents in accordance to establish policies and procedures, standards of nursing care and practices.  
  • Responsible for clinical practice and staff competency in the ward assigned.
  • Ensures residents care delivery is carried out according to established standards of care and practice.
  • Ensures written policies and SOP is available and up to date to guide nursing practices.
  • Provides direct care to residents to ensure compliance to standards
  • Ensures smooth transition of residents from acute to chronic care and back to community where possible.
  • Conducts nursing audits on nursing care standards and initiates strategies to resolve non-adherence issues.
  • Directs and facilitates staff development, skills and competency upgrading through in-house training, approved online learning or formal education opportunities.
  • Guides orientation/induction program and preceptorship for new staff.
  • Acts as a resource person in clinical nursing and nursing training matters
  • Demonstrates awareness of current nursing and health care practices
  • Monitors and analyzes trends and changing needs of residents in institutional settings.
  • Conducts/champions Training/Quality Improvement/Research Projects


  • Locally Trained Registered Nurse
  • Diploma/ Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or equivalent preferred
  • Experience in operations and management
  • Leadership and has good interpersonal skills, communicate well. 


Account Holder:
Jasmine Lai Jia Ying (R1767825)


Consultant | EA Reg No:
Jasmine Lai | R1767825