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Internal Controller

Finance & Accounting
•          Ensure Group internal control policies and procedures are applied by the company.
•          Promote sound internal control practices within the company.
•          Suggest a yearly internal audit plan and subsequently perform internal control reviews to assess level of internal controls.
•          Provide support to management in areas of internal control and general organization
Context and environment
•          Working with colleagues in a region where business cultures and working styles are highly diverse, and involving a significant number of senior managers.
•          Need to establish guidelines and policies that are in line with the company's Rules and the local regulations.
•          Ensure that Group rules and guidelines are being followed
•          Ensure the company's internal control framework is sound and regularly updated and known
•          Provide management with up-to-date review of internal control risks within the company.
Qualifications / experience required
•          Good knowledge of financial and management accounting (CPA or equivalent)
•          Prior work experience in a Big Four Accounting Firm (at least 3 years)
•          Prior work experience as an internal auditor in an MNC (at least 3 years)
Consultant | EA Reg No:
Ryan Lee | R1767529