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Product Manager (Services)

Consumer & Retail
  • Specialize in overseeing the identification, development, and production of new products.
  • Drives the development process from idea to implementation to ensure products meet clients' needs. Other job duties can include determining maximise customer experience, efficient process overseeing the layout of product innovation and ensuring that new products are in compliance with regulators.
  • Collaborate with management to better understand an organization's target market and overall business strategy.
  • Conduct customer research activities to determine gaps in service and includes the creation of research and development technical literature and the transition to product development personnel.
  • Ensure the ideas are both technically and commercially scalable.
Job Requirements: 
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or an engineering field to work as a product manager
  • Relevant work experience within a research and development department
  • Creativity is one of the most essential skills for a product innovation manager, since they are responsible for developing new products for an organization.
  • Attention to details with good observation in accurate understanding of customers' task to done.
  • Strong interpersonal skills in order to collaborate with research and development or marketing personnel and organizational stakeholders.
Account Manager: 
Jace Wang Jing Lin, R1113653
Consultant | EA Reg No:
Jace Wang Jing Lin | R1113653