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Research Scientist (Data Analytics for Energy Systems)

Oil & Gas, Energy & Engineering
  • Design and development of energy systems for small and medium sized industries
  • Development of artificial intelligence based learning algorithms for energy management
  • Control/sequential decision problems in power system planning and management, energy optimization, battery management, building energy management etc. with special emphasis on deep reinforcement learning
  • Establish internal/external collaborations in the area of energy systems
  • Scouting of latest trends and products for energy efficiency measures
  • Masters/ PhD degree in Electrical/ Computer Science Engineering/Physics
  • Expertise in Markov Decision Processes, deep learning (neural networks) and reinforcement learning
  • Expertise in related Artificial Intelligence concepts like: Monte Carlo Tree Search, policy gradients, actor-critic methods, model-based acceleration
  • Experience with classical control theory, model predictive control, dynamic programming 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills and ability to develop network with internal/external partners
  • Team player and ability to work in multi-cultural environment and global simultaneous engineering teams
Account Manager:
Kerwin Tan Kai Bin (R1331624)
Consultant | EA Reg No:
Kerwin Tan Kai Bin | R1331624