Be a game-changer in today’s highly dynamic corporate environment.

SearchAsia offers unparalleled opportunities for fresh graduates as a first career. We believe in teamwork and have created a collaborative environment for our consultants to succeed in their careers. All new-starters receive extensive training and responsibility from day one. Assessment of your potential takes place from the start and talents will be challenged to take on fast-track career path to be groomed as our future business leaders.

So take your first step with us today!



What was behind your decision to join SearchAsia?

"There were so many opportunities out there and as a fresh graduate, I didn't know what I wanted. But I knew that this job could open up my world to many different roles. More importantly, what drew me to SearchAsia were the people and the chance for me to have an understanding of what roles could suit me. But what started out as a “look see” eventually became my career and passion. I now reap the fruits of my labour – people, both internal & external, appreciating my work & me seeing myself adding value to, influencing & even changing people's lives and organizations' future. I am a changer and an influencer. This is what fuels me and keeps me going. I still foresee challenges ahead, but I've buckled up and am in for the long haul."

Canice Sar
Executive Search Consultant
Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Sociology)


Share with us your experience working in SearchAsia.

"Being a relatively fresh graduate, I had my fears and uncertainty – whether I could swing in and do the job well. My worries were unfounded. As soon as I stepped in to office, I was immediately immersed in the warm and friendly culture where everyone was ready to lend a helping hand.  This allowed me to slip into my new role easily.

The learning curve was steep but fortunately I was blessed with a capable and patient mentor who guided me through my cases and events. Seniors in other teams were also very helpful and I could easily approach anyone for advice. As I grow with this organization, I start to take on a guiding role for the juniors. I also start to see things from an organization perspective, often dispensing advice which I had previously heard from my seniors."

Adeline Lim
Executive Search Consultant
Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)

What do you find rewarding about your job at SearchAsia?

"I find it very rewarding to help my clients secure qualified candidates for the jobs and at the same time, help candidates secure job opportunities that are aligned with their career plans. The appreciation and satisfaction derived may be intangible but they are worth much more than any material gain."

Lionel Leow
Senior Consultant / Team Lead
National University of Singapore
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (Finance & Management)


What advice do you have for those graduates looking to join SearchAsia as Executive Search Consultants?

"Many people have the perception that an Executive Search Consultant job is a sales role. It is actually much more than that; it is about understanding people’s needs and their motivation, and managing clients’ and candidates’ expectations. It is challenging yet not difficult; it is all about building relationships.

What makes an Executive Search Consultant successful is not his or her experience but rather his or her attitude, aptitude and interest in this career as there is a structured training and development programme in store for you. And here at SearchAsia, we work as a team in serving our clients, and thus, no one is alone."

Teresa Chua
Senior Consultant / Team Lead
Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Business (Hons) (Marketing)