We believe that our collaborative environment is the cornerstone to our success over the years. Our reward system focuses not only on the individual, but more importantly on the achievements of the team. Here at SearchAsia, one plus one does not equate two.



SearchAsia’s internal culture is characterized by a fast-paced and merit-based working environment, where individuals are appraised based upon their individual as well as their team performance. Being one of the top executive search companies in the region, we place high emphasis on growing our talents and building the success of every individual. We are committed to ensuring professionalism by nurturing and grooming our very own asset – our people.


Training & Development 

To support our graduates in their ongoing development journey, SearchAsia provides continuous coaching and mentoring from experienced leaders. Regular progress checks will help us coordinate your progression by understanding the direction you wish to take your career, and your development plan will be mapped out with your individual requirements and career aspirations.